“Khantoke” Thai-Lanna Traditional Food & Culture

Thai food, Khantoke. Khantoke dinners have long been a popular tourist attraction in areas of Northern Thailand, particularly around Chiang Mai. Nort

Khantoke or Toke is a tray of food in round shape which sometimes called “Satok.” Its diameter can be from 35 – 50 cm. And approximately 30 cm high. It made of either wood or rattan. Khantoke is typically used for in-house family meals and to set on a dinner for the family’s guest. People […]

Kanchanaburi Elephant Camps For Elephant Lovers

Elephant Experience

Kanchanaburi offers many choices for ethical Elephant Experience. Most of these elephant camps are located in Sai Yok area, each not so far from the other. In this article, we will look at the characteristic of each camp and hopefully help you decide yours once in a lifetime experience. Elephant Home & Nature Elephant Haven […]