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Journey outwards to the self-supporting Environmental Conservation Organization that cares for domestic elephants, situated just outside the town of Kanchanaburi, Elephants’ World With over 30 elephants in their care, the sanctuary has become one of the largest in the province. Join now and help to provide the best possible care for the elephants and enjoy the educative and meaningful experience you will not find elsewhere.
Travel to Kanchanaburi on a packed full-day tour that will impress you from dawn till dusk. Visit the exquisite Erawan Waterfall and swim inside the emerald green ponds. Get a chance to walk on the notorious Death Railway and explore the cave of Buddha. A day at Kanchanaburi is not complete without visiting the rescued Elephants, observe and learn about the elephants. Prepare for a great day with your private professional guide, air-conditioned vehicle, and lunch included.
Set out on the exciting private tour combining various activities in Kanchanaburi. From visiting the temple atop the mountain with magnificent Buddha statue and a train ride from the Bridge of River Kwai getting the feel of the Death Railway, to bathing and feeding the Mighty Elephants. This well-balanced tour will fill your day with the discovery of culture and history, and not leaving out fun and entertaining activity.
Spend a day with a touch of local experience. On this Kanchanaburi private tour, you will immerse yourself with the local culture through the people, food and even dessert. Visit the ancient market and walk inside the fresh market. Meet with the local family and learn about traditional Thai culinary and dessert making in their home. Have a great time with the Elephants, feed them food and take them to bath in the river with beautiful surroundings.
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Leave Bangkok behind and travel on a journey that will bring you face to face with the elephants. Elephant Haven is a part of the Elephant Freedom Project that has freed a total of 7 elephants. Join this day trip to the full-day elephant care program and support them in providing the life these animals deserve. Sit back and relax on the air-conditioned vehicle that will bring you to the camp’s gate and back safely.
Immerse yourself with nature with the full-day trekking tour that brings you to discover the evergreen forest of Kanchanaburi. We will trek for 2.5 kilometers into the forest and discover the flora and fauna along the way. Enjoy our time at the waterfall on our way and explore Tham Than Lod (Than Lod Cave) and its beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. This tour includes a picnic lunch.
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Discover Kanchanaburi in both nature and history. Navigate the 7 levels of Erawan Waterfall and enjoy the swimming time in the emerald green water. Journey back to the past learning about the history of the notorious railway and the POWs during World War II visiting Hellfire Pass, Death Railway and Kra Sae cave and the Bridge over the River Kwai.
Dive deep and learn about Kanchanaburi and its history from World War II. This full-day itinerary traces the story of the POWs and helps you visualize the hardship they had to endure building the notorious Death Railway. Visit the War cemetery, the Hellfire Pass, the Death Railway, Kra Sae Cave and finishing at the Bridge over the River Kwai.
Kanchanaburi is regarded to be one of the most beautiful natures with the long-lasting historical site. One of the most attractive and has drawn thousands of visitors each day. Erawan is the firsts place that must visit, very close to Erawan waterfalls, The Sri Nakharin Lake is also very attractive to observe a stunning view it provides. If you are seeking real beauty nature with learning some history this full-day trip is excellent for spending your unforgettable holiday.
Go on an adventure to the Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall, one of the other most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. It is made up of 7 tiers, although realistically, there are more than seven waterfalls! The waterfall’s source is in the Kala mountain range, east of the park, and eventually flows down to the Khwae Yai River. And enjoy the magnificent view of Sri Nakarin Dam while sipping a cup of coffee.
The best way of learning the Thai way of life is by participating in their daily activities. In Thamuang District in Kanchanaburi Province, Join Manee Wong family, who makes traditional Thai desserts for a living. Travelers who seek unique experience will appreciate the warmest atmosphere in this household who lives with a traditional way of life even among locals. Inside this small town, not far from the lovely Manee Wong family, visit the most beautiful Buddhist Temple name Wat Tham Sua. The temple is situated on the top of the hill with a magnificent view facing to Mae Klong and Kwai Yai river. You will see a beautiful panoramic view of rice fields that surround the temple and the Huge Buddha image of Principal Buddha image Phra Phutachinapatarn. Then experience a boat trip on the main tributary of Kanchanaburi Mae Klong and River Kwai and enjoy the epic scenery on both sides of the river and learn more about the story of Thai people and its history.
Adventure your way through Kanchanaburi, the province regarded as the third-largest in the kingdom and home to a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Visit the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary and explore various types of forest and increase your chance to encounter wild animals in their habitat including deer, red bull, boar, gaur, and birds. This is a full-day soft adventure designed for nature lovers.
Navigate around Kanchanaburi like never before including the visit to the Hellfire Pass, and hopping on the train ride along the Death Railway. Continue to your encounter with the mighty elephants at the Elephant Haven and visit the themed village that brings us back to the Siam kingdom of old at Mallika R.E. 124.

Discover Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall In Kanchanaburi In The Middle Of The Forest

Impressive Waterfall Tours, Erawan & Huay Mae Khamin

Although Kanchanaburi is quite a long ride from Bangkok, many travelers are drawn to the province by the impressive natural beauty the province offer. Located in the West of Thailand, Kanchanaburi is home to national parks and waterfalls which can be reached from Bangkok as a one-day trip by car or by bus. The most popular one is the Erawan National Park with charming 7 tiers limestone waterfalls and emerald green ponds. Discovered in 1975, the park covers Saiyoke and Sisawat district with an area of 550 km².

If you prefer to avoid the mass, Huay Mae Khamin Waterfalls is the perfect althernative. Located in Sri Nakarin Dam National Park, 40 km away from Erawan National Park and 108 km from Kanchanaburi Town. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the province with a landscape of limestone mountain and emerald ponds where visitors can enjoy swimming and exploring the 7-tiered falls. The most beautiful tier is the 4th tier, called Chat Kaew, which is about 100 meters away from the park office. Along the broad walking trail are mixed forest including thick bamboo, banyan trees, ferns, moss and wild mushrooms.

Child playing with an elephant with funny face on the river kwai, kanchanaburi, at elephant home and nature

Elephant Care Experience by the River Kwai

Besides enjoying the natural beauties of Kanchanaburi, you may have beautiful moments interacting and having personal touches with the domestic elephants. Kanchanaburi is home to ethical elephant sanctuaries where you can take care of elephants, bathe them and swim with them in the River Kwai. You will learn about their lives, behaviors and how to communicate with these big guys who consume 200-400 Kilograms of food or 10% of their weight. Some of them, especially, at the Elephant Home and Nature, have been rescued from the animal circus and non-ethical elephant camps where they were abused or over-used for commercial purposes. With love and care at their new home, you can see how playful they are. Riding on an elephant’s bareback or neck does not hurt an elephant due to its heavyweight. Feel free to try climbing on its back for a life-time experience. You will simply fall in love with them.

Resort Wooden House Floating And Mountain Fog On River Kwai

Get surrounded by nature on your floating hotel

River Kwai is one of the most beautiful rivers in Thailand due to its scenery of green forest and limestone mountains. A ride on a long-tailed boat on the river is awesome. It is lots of fun to jump into the cool river to refresh yourself during a hot sunny day or kayaking downstream of the river. Therefore staying at least one overnight at one of the floatels locating along the river is a “must do” activity for your trip to Kanchanaburi. There are wide choices from a very basic floatel in the jungle without electricity to a luxury floatel with air-conditioning. Fill your energy tank with fun and real relaxation amidst nature in Kanchanaburi at a floatel.

Kanchanaburi War Cemetery (don Rak) World War Ii Near Death Rail

Deep dive to the History of World War II

Kanchanaburi becomes well-known worldwide not only for its national parks and beautiful waterfalls but also for the history of Thailand during WWII through the film “The Bridge on the River Kwai”. The bridge and the death railways are the main attractions to be included in all guided day trips from Bangkok. It is exciting to ride on the historic wooden viaducts built by the Allied prisoners of war from Krasae Cave to Takilen station. One could not imagine how hard the construction was until you also visit the war museum, war cemetery and the Memorial Museum of the Hellfire Pass. 90,000 civilian laborers and more than 12,000 Allied prisoners died during the construction of the 415 Km long railways from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbyuzayat, Burma. Not to mention the cruelty of Japanese soldiers, the forced laborers suffered the Malaria, lacking food and clean water, and proper medical treatment.

Maneewong House, Visit Thai Traditional House And Dessert Making Family On Kanchanaburi Fullday Tour3

Local Experience at Maneewong Dessert Home

Other than sightseeing of cultural attractions and beautiful natural landscapes, you can also explore the local life and enjoy the authentic local cuisine. Ban Maneewong is a great place to include in your one day trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and visit a local family at Tamuang district. Learn about traditional Thai sweets and join the cooking. Navigate the local market of this old town which was once an important commercial port on Maeklong River before the town was accessible by road. Nowadays Tamuang is a quiet old town for slow travelers to enjoy delicious Thai food and make new friends with local people.

Going off the beaten path in Kanchanaburi

Looking for something different in Kanchanaburi? You will not be disappointed with what this vast province has to offer. Go beyond the highlights in the city and leave town to the border of Myanmar at Sangkhla Buri. Sight the spiritual Mon bridge that pave-way between two cultures at the place where the River Kwai began. Or find a cozy stay in the remote village of I-tong in Pilok, the ancient mining town that has become the best spot for a retreat. Visit the Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary to see the animals in their natural habitat. Take on traditional thai martial arts of Buddhai Sawan or go on a tour to explore Than Lod Caves. Read more about Kanchanaburi Off the Beaten Paths