Mae Hong Son, where you immerse with tranquility

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Mae Hong Son, where you immerse with tranquility

Sabai Sabai, you will get to understand the very word that explains everything about Mae Hong Son province, Thailand. Simple words with the definition of being calm and worries-free, it rivals with the well-known phrase every Disney fans know, Hakuna Matata. Whether you arrive at Mae Hong Son by plane or went through all the 1864 curves by land from Chiang Mai, once you step on the ground of this town amid the valley, you feel its calmness. There are no rush in the city and the residents take things very slowly.

Mae Hong Son City from the hill Temple
Mae Hong Son City from the hill Temple

Mae Hong Son's Things to do

There are various activities and things to do, including excursions and adventures offered in this small town. You can start off with the city tour by walking and biking, or take the tough route of trekking along the mountains. A visit to Phra That Doi Kong Mu Temple is recommended. This is where you will climb a short distance to the top of the hill where the temple stands. You will notice the giant Singhs protecting the front of the Temple gazing towards the panoramic view of the mountain valley overseeing the whole town. A great spot after admiring the Temple is the pavilion in the temple where you can just sit and enjoy the breeze. This small town is your best bet of relaxation and a serene time.

Phra That Doi Kong Mu Temple

There are also various popular destinations aside from the hill temple. The Su Tong Pae bridge is proved to be quite famous among local travelers. A long bamboo bridge that stretch across the rice field has promote itself to become the top instagram spot. At the end of the bridge, you can find the Burmese inspired temple. Or perhaps you would like to revitalize your skin, the Phu Klon Country club is definitely for you. They offers several mud spa courses at a reasonable price. You can take the tour around the mud pool which claims to be internationally certified for its nutrients and safe usage.

Su Tong Pey Bridge across rice field, Mae Hong Son
Su Tong Pey Bridge

Mae Hong Son, Accommodation

During our stay, we stayed at the Fern Resort, Mae Hong Son. A serene and beautiful hotel amid the forest, yet well-equipped with luxurious facilities such as swimming pools. They even have an area for the bonfire where you can have a great time with your friends and family, and enjoy great conversation with camping atmosphere. Decorated with real rice paddy in the resort, makes the hotel looks unique in different times of the year.

Homestay at Jabo Hill Tribe Village
Homestay at Jabo Hill Tribe Village

Mae Hong Son is the one of the gems in North Thailand which one should not miss. Those seeking to place yourself in the quiet and peaceful city will not be disappointed with this town. If the town is not serene enough, you have the choice of going up the mountain to live in a homestay hosted by the hill tribe. Although amid the mountains, Hill Tribe Homestay in Mae Hong Son prove to be of high standard. Immerse yourself with the local, have a quiet time with your books and raise early with the sound of chicken. Feel, the tranquility of Mae Hong Son.

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