The 7 Best of Bangkok Temples

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The 7 Best of Bangkok Temples

Bangkok Temples. Believe it or not, Thailand is a home to more than 32,000 Temples and over a few hundreds are in Bangkok. However, there is a list of Temples which boast to be the best, and a must-visit for all travelers. Each one of them features their unique traits. From the interior and the exterior, to the architectural style. The Buddha statue which the temples house also create the distinction between these temples, from the largest to the smallest in the Kingdom, which most are highly revered. Get ready for the Temple Hopping day, here is the list of the best temples you absolutely need to visit in Bangkok.

Wat Traimit

wat traimit, temple of golden buddha, bangkok temple

Wat Traimit is famously known as the Temple of the Golden Buddha. Walk on the marble steps, passing through the mythical creatures that guard the beautiful white temple with the gilded exterior. The golden lining shines as it reflects with the sun above Bangkok's sky. Awaiting inside is the renowned Golden Buddha Statue or Phra Phuttha Maha Suwana Patimakon. Although the name in Thai is long, the meaning is straight-forward, The Great Golden Buddha Statue. This massive golden Buddha from the Sukhothai Era weighs more than five tons and is about three meters tall. It was once covered to hide its extreme value under a layer of concrete and colored glass for 200 years. However, the relocation in 1955 revealed its real value.

Wat Pho

wat pho, temple of reclining buddha, bangkok temple

Wat Pho, or the Temple of Reclining Buddha, is famous in many ways. As the name suggests, the temple house one of the largest Reclining Buddha statue in the kingdom. You will be amazed by the moment you step into the main hall. The bright gold Buddha image that is revealed pillar by pillars as you walk from the beginning to the end. Observe the beautiful carving of Buddhism symbols. Make merits by dropping coins into the 108 bowls that represent the auspicious characters of Buddha.

Take a breather outside the main hall. Wat Pho is one temple you can relax under the shades of the trees. Try to navigate the temple complex, find more yoga statues, and explore the beautiful chedis decorated with porcelains and glasses.

The Temple of Reclining Buddha is also home to hundreds of experienced masseur being one of the leading Thai Traditional Massage school. If you have yet to try Thai Massage, Wat Pho is an excellent place for your first time.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and The Grand Palace

wat phra kaew, temple of emerald buddha bangkok temple

The Grand Palace is a must-visit for all Bangkok visitors. Since 1782, The Grand Palace was the residence of Thai King, the Royal Court and the administrative. A visit to the Grand Palace always includes the Temple of Emerald Buddha. You can't have either one. Your first step into the complex will leave you in awe. The architecture and decorations and the gilded exterior illustrate heaven, plenty with mythical creatures leaves visitors in awe with its beautiful design and elaborate feature. Guarding all the gates are the Demons from the Indian Myth, the Ramayana, about the endless war between human and demon.

In the complex, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha stands magnificent. The royal temple houses the small, most revered Buddha statue made from a single block of jade, the Emerald Buddha which is also known as "Phra Maha Mani Ratana Patimakorn," or "Phra Kaew Morakot."

Wat Arun

wat arun, temple of dawn, bangkok temple

Across the river from the above places is the elegant Temple of Dawn, also known as Wat Arun. Resting royally on the opposite side of the Grand Palace, Wat Arun is one of the most prominent riverside landmarks of Bangkok. Despite the name, Wat Arun is best viewed at sunset from the opposing side of the river from many bars and restaurant for when the spires of Wat Arun compose a majestic silhouette upon the horizon.

The elegant prangs attract visitors to Wat Arun. Painted in white, the temple is decorated with ceramic tiles and color porcelain pieces. It is also famous for being the best photo spot. Although the steps are steep, it is recommended to climb the central prang. On top, you will see the majestic view of Chao Phraya River and the Grand Palace from afar.

Wat Benchamabophit

wat benchamabophit, marble temple, bangkok temple

Smallest of all in terms of size, but not in beauty is Wat Benchamabophit, the Marble Temple. Mainly built with the Carrara marble from Italy has brought its name. Featuring the four massive marble pillars and the shiny marble courtyard, the temple is a great model of the Bangkok architectural style with its multi-tiered roofs, elegant decorations at the top end of the roof and the stunning gilded exterior.

Wat Saket

Wat Saket, the Golden Mount, Bangkok Temple

There was a time when skyscrapers do not soar above Bangkok city. Wat Saket, Temple of the Golden Mount was one of the tallest structure and the best place to view the horizon of the bustling city. Climb about 300 steps that circle the main Chedi to the top of this artificial human-made hill to get the excellent sunset view of the town.

Wat Saket is best to visit during the Loy Krathong period when the temple holds the fair. The temple will transform into lively market plenty with stalls and beautiful light decorations. You can navigate the fair to find local food and fun games to play.

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat, The Red Giant Swing, Bangkok Temple

Wat Suthat is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok, better known for the giant red swing sitting in front of its gate. The architectural beauty of the interior is only second to the famous temple of the Emerald Buddha. It was King Rama I who ordered the construction of this temple, but it was not complete until the reign of King Rama II. The temple featured a magnificent ordination hall which was meant to house the bronze Buddha from Sukhothai. Boasting the combination of Thai and Chinese architecture, you can find several Chinese sculptures in the courtyard surrounding the main hall. The beautiful roof and its contrast in the design attract young artists hoping to sketch this temple.

The Red Giant Swing is a structure built for the Hindu's rituals and religious ceremonies. Although these practices no longer exist, the structure still stands and has become a landmark of Bangkok. This swing in Bangkok is a giant swing. Located on a large stone pedestal, 21.15 meters high, round base diameter of about 10.50 meters, round base, forming a stone-washed base.

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