Half-day Elephant Village Sanctuary

Joint Tour

Tour Overview


5 hours



Tour Type

Nature, Wildlife

Min. Traveler

1 People

Leave the city behind and take on the 4WD journey deep into the valleys. Visit the Elephant Village Sanctuary located in rural hill tribe village, home of a family that looks after the elephants. The Karen people have been looking after the elephants for centuries. As a result, they are renown as the “Caretaker of Elephants.” With them for half a day, you will take care of the elephants and learn more about them, and relax at the natural waterfall inside the lush green forest.


Traveling by a 4WD truck for one and a half hours from Chiang Mai. As you go higher, the road gets smaller. Then from afar, you see small villages popping up here and there, and one of them is where Elephant Village Sanctuary lies. Hop out from the truck, carry what you can, and walk down the hill to have a little rest. If you are getting tired here, you will be surprised that you need to hike a bit more to your first encounter with the elephants. Here you will be provided with fruits to feed the elephants.


Then we will part with the elephants for a while, and trek to find the waterfall. A little pathway leads into the lush green forest. And before you know it, the waterfall is now in sight. Get change, bring out the swimsuits, and enjoy swimming with natural waterfall slider.


We are probably crisp and fresh, but our day is far from over. Trek back to the village. The elephants will march down from the hill to have the mud spa. Get in and join the elephant, splashing the mud on them, they love it. Continue to the bath in the running stream. Grab your bucket and get to work. Wash the elephants while waving for photos for your experience of a lifetime. Enjoy eating lunch provided by the chef of the village, nothing fancy but sure to fill. We have had a great time, but it is now time for the good-bye. Trek back to the truck and depart for Chiang Mai.

Service Includes
 Pickup & Drop-off by 4WD truck
 Bottled Water
 Accidental Insurance
Service Excludes
 Any personal expenses
AdultPrice Per Person (THB)
1 – 10 Person1400
ChildPrice Per Person(THB)
1+ Person900

What to Bring:

  • Insect Repellant
  • Towels
  • Set of Change Cloth
  • Swimsuit
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