Chiang Mai

The Rose of North Thailand. Trek to the highest point in Thailand at Doi Inthanon. Visit the Hill Tribes and the experience the exciting activity with the Elephants. Find your experience now.

Chiang Mai Tours You'll Love

Joint Tour
  • Encounter with Elephants
  • Elephant Feed & Bath
  • Verified by Idaytrip
THB 1,400 per person
Private Tour
  • Insightful Temple Tour
  • Cruise along Mae Ping River
  • 8 Temples in A Day
THB 3,100 per person
Private Tour
  • Get insight of local life
  • Delicious Food Tasting
  • Travel using public transport
THB 2,300 per person
Private Tour
  • Exciting Trek through the Jungle
  • A chance to care for the Elephants
  • Adventurous White Water Rafting
THB 3,600 per person
Private Tour
  • Visit the highest of Thailand
  • Trekk the most scenic Nature Trail
  • Stunning scenery in every attractions
THB 3,600 per person
Private Tour
  • Discover Lanna's way of life
  • Heartwarming Cooking Class
  • Dine together with host family
THB 3,000 per person
Private Tour
  • Visit notable landmarks of Chiang Rai
  • Photogenic Sites for Instragrammer
  • Friendly Guide & Driver
THB 4,000 per person

In Chiang Mai You'll See


Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai Private Tour

Founded in 1296 as the ancient capital of Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai has beautiful temples and architecture unique to those in Bangkok. Take a temple tour to understand the local culture of Chiang Mai and explore the Lanna style buildings

Chiang Mai is a city amid the mountains. Wherever you stay in Chiang Mai, you will always see the mountains on the horizon. It is truly a place for seasoned travelers who love to explore more of Thailand.
Chiang Mai Twin Pagoda, Doi Inthanon Private Tour

Elephant Experience has always been an icon for a Chiang Mai visit with a lot of Elephant camps for your choosing. From the most famous Elephant Nature Park to the smaller camps manage by the Karen Tribe with their native Elephants.

Hmong People, Chiang Mai Private Tour
Elephant Thailand

There are many indigenous people residing in Chiang Mai area. A visit to the local village in the mountain is a must during your visit in Chiang Mai. Try the home-brew coffee at the house atop of the mountain amid the rice field. 

In Chiang Mai You'll meet


In Chiang Mai You Can

Relax & Adventure

Chiang Mai White Water Rafting

Love adventure? Go on the mountains and trek to the remote village in the middle of nowhere. Ride the across the mountain and ride down the stream with White Water Rafting. And stimulate your adrenaline by Zip-lining through the lush green forest.

Chiang Mai has everything you could ever ask for. From 5-stars hotel to a cosy homestay which offer a serene stay in the city or in the mountains. Never go hungry with markets filled with authentic local food for you to explore.

Pakagayor, Indigenous people in Chiang Mai, Thailand