The historic city famous for the notorious Death Railway and the Bridge over the River Kwai. Visit the beautiful waterfalls and numerous elephant camps, and stroll at the Thai-Burma border.

Private Kanchanaburi Tours

Joint Tour
  • Joint group tour with min.4 pax
  • Swim at Erawan Waterfall
  • Visit the Death Railway and Bridge
THB 3,500 per person
Private Tour
  • Relaxing stay at Floathouses resort
  • Swim at Erawan Waterfall
  • Visit landmarks & support the Elephants
THB 13,440 per person
Private Tour
  • Private Roundtrip Transportation
  • Full-day program at the project
  • Feed and bath the elephants
THB 5,200 per person
Private Tour
  • Swim at Erawan Waterfall
  • Walk the Hellfire Pass Trail
  • Visit the River Kwai Bridge
THB 5,200 per person
Private Tour
  • Ancient Market & Fresh Market Walk
  • Cook traditionally with local family
  • Unforgettable Elephant Experience
THB 6,950 per person
Private Tour
  • Kanchanaburi Historic Sites
  • Explore the Death Railway
  • Walk the Hellfire Pass
THB 4,600 per person
Private Tour
  • Explore the Erawan Waterfall
  • Walk on the Death Railway
  • Feed and Bath the Elephants
THB 5,700 per person
Private Tour
  • World War II Historic Tour
  • Exciting Death Railway Train
  • Activity with the Elephants
THB 5,900 per person

history of

World war

War Cemetery, Kanchanaburi Private Tour

Filled with the remnants of the past, Kanchanaburi became popular from its iconic landmarks of the Bridge over the River Kwai and many World War II related attractions including JEATH War Museum, War Cemetery and Hellfire Pass.

Walk on the Bridge over the River Kwai and witness the train crossing is a classic thing to do in Kanchanaburi, and hop on to join the ride on the Death Railway. Enjoy the picturesque scenery from the train’s window before discovering the Kra Sae cave.

Train on Bridge over the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi Private Tour

Admire the beautiful Erawan Waterfall with emerald green water. Trek up to different levels and enjoy swimming and sliding from the natural sliders. This waterfall is consider the most beautiful in Kanchanaburi

Elephant Home and Nature, Kanchanaburi Private Tour
Kanchanaburi Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi Private Tour

Choose from various Elephant camps available in the Kanchanaburi. Meet with this gentle giants and experience an unforgettable activity with them. Take them to the river and brush them with care, feed them with fruits and learn more about them.

Waterfalls & Elephants

a glimpse

of Myanmar

Saphan Mon Kanchanaburi

Visit the villages with traditions and culture of the Burmese people like Etong and Pilok. Surrounded by nature, these village gives a serene atmosphere and best for relaxation and slow travel.

Kanchanaburi is connected to Myanmar. Journey to Sangkhlaburi and discover the sunken town and temple. Make merit at sunrise on Saphan Mon wooden bridge.​

SangKhlaburi Burmese Children