Kanchanaburi Elephant Camps For Elephant Lovers

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Elephant Experience

Kanchanaburi offers many choices for ethical Elephant Experience. Most of these elephant camps are located in Sai Yok area, each not so far from the other. In this article, we will look at the characteristic of each camp and hopefully help you decide yours once in a lifetime experience.

Elephant Home & Nature

Experience a close-up encounter with the elephants and interact with them, give them your love and care. “Passionate” is the word we would use for the 1-word description of this camp. Focusing on the wellness of both the health and mind of the elephants, this is the camp that will fill you with emotions and stories of the rescued elephants.

The elephants here love to work and interact with humans, although having been tortured in the past. This camp offers bareback elephant riding. Some may feel that this is not ethical, but it comes down to personal opinion and there is always a reason behind what they do. The owner of this camp, a famous lady who gains more than four thousand reviews on TripAdvisor, bought them from various camps in Thailand and give them the life they deserve.

The highlight of this camp that we love is the morning alms. Every morning, with or without guests, the elephants will give alms to the monks from the nearby temple. Feel the emotion during the merit-making, as the elephant put food in bowls and listen to the chant. This is an experience that you should never miss.

Elephant Haven


A partner with the well known Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Elephant Haven Thailand is the only camp in Kanchanaburi that has adopted Nature Park’s practice. It is considered as the most “ethical” elephant experience with less elephant interaction. The activity with the elephants includes preparing the food for them. You will prepare some fruits, cut them to easy to chew size and then feed the elephants. Other activities would be walking with them in the forest and bathing. The elephants here do not work, as practiced in Elephant Nature Park and they serve only vegetarian food.

Elephant World

Once home to the aging Elephants, but now they are gaining a baby elephant. The Elephant World cares for more elephants than any camp in the area. With 22 elephants, this camp truly lives up to its name. You will step in the large sanctuary seeing elephants in every direction. Furthermore, this place is not home for just elephants, but buffalos as well. When we were at the camp, the elephants sneaked out (the mahout is nearby) to the river and take a dip by themselves. Fascinating.

Every elephant at the Elephant World has a mahout taking care of them. You will learn about the elephants, make some local dishes for yourselves, prepare the food for them and take them to bath in the river.

Elephants are adorable. Everyone would love to interact with them. We hope this article will help you choose the camp that fits your preference. If you are looking for a trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, we offer many options that include a visit to these elephant camps.

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